What’s New at 24 Hour Trading Ltd This Week

Its a new week, nearly a new month, and the Olympics is finally here, but, as ever, lots of things have been happening across the 24 Hour Trading Ltd network of websites.

This post will run you through some of the bigger events of the past seven days.


Its Olympic week, so you’d expect the team at dedicated running website, Race-Calendar.com to be busy, right? Right! There’s, as always, an exceptional amount of work going into making grass roots running more accessible at Race-Calendar.com. So much, in fact, we’ve had to give a heading, and some bullet points to rattle through the new features and additions to the internet’s favourite truly global running event listing guide:

  • Tools for Runners & Running Websites now complete at Tools.Race-Calendar.com;
  • Beta forms for Race Directors at RaceManagement.Race-Calendar.com have undergone a number of key upgrades;
  • Site Heirarchy has been upgraded at Race-Calendar.com itself – more on this next week!
  • New love2run Shop section launched at Shop.Race-Calendar.com;
  • New Brand Marketers sub-domain opens at Brands.Race-Calendar.com;
  • The I Love Running Facebook page passed 47,000 members, and is rapidly heading towards the big five-oh.

Silicon Dales

The team at Silicon Dales has put the finishing touches on two major websites in the past week demonstrating both versatility and speed;

  • Safer Edge – a website for a global security services firm; and
  • May Makes – a website, and online shop, for a vintage fabric and handcrafts producer.

Network Wide

You may, or may not, have noticed the introduction of Breadcrumbs and other SEO features network wide. The major change at all 24 Hour Trading Ltd web properties are as follows:

  • Breadcrumbs instituted at all websites to encourage site visitors to access more content, and to prevent them getting “lost” in their browsing experience;
  • Sitemaps upgraded on all websites – we have switched to an index based sitemap, which best allows for the amount of content we are serving up across our web properties, and therefore allows Google, Yahoo and Bing to be directed only to new content which has changed, rather than downloading a huge sitemap file to find one new piece of content.

In other words, we’ve streamlined and optimized our systems to act more effectively.

Popular-Nostalgia.com For Sale

We are selling a domain we started in 2007 – Popular-Nostalgia.com – the internet’s home of nostalgia related content. After 5 years, we felt that we weren’t able to give the domain the attention it deserves.

The website is available for auction, with no reserve. It has already received 25 bids, with 4 days remaining. Click here to visit the online auction and grab yourself a bargain website developed by the team at 24 Hour Trading Ltd.

As always, we are working to make user experience more pleasurable.

We trust we are making your web experience finer in as many ways as possible.

Thanks for reading.

Robin Scott

Director of Web Properties, 24 Hour Trading Ltd

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