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SEO Case Study: English to Dutch Technical Translation

With SEO Case Studies, it is sometimes easy to forget that, underneath all of your SEO, you must have a solid business to promote. There’s little point, in other words, in being number one on Google if your product is not as good as it could be. For this reason, it was great for us to be asked to help out with the organic SEO at Heppe-Smith Technical Translation, through Silicon Dales, when we were asked to help them develop their marketing micro-site.

The great thing, in this instance, was that we had an awful lot of language pairs and other technical terms to work with.

For this case study, I am going to show you one, real world, working example. The search phrase is “English to Dutch technical translation“.

Now, clicking on that link will take you to a highly specific section of, where we described, in a good amount of detail, exactly what happens when someone requests a quote for this service.

The idea is that someone enters a related search term into Google > Lands on this page > Reads the text > Requests a quote.

This flow, in reality, can take seconds.

In under two minutes, a user can complete all of those steps. For this, and many other, language pairs.

Remember, though, when I talked about being good at delivering your product or service? I meant it! With great search performance, comes great responsibility ;)

Luckily, the team at Heppe-Smith Technical Translation are some of the best translators – we’ve tried!

Try this yourself when writing for SEO – think “what’s going to be searched for by the person who I want to land here – and what do I want them to read –  and do – when they get here?

Example Link: English to Dutch Technical Translation

Technical Translation Microsite

Over at Silicon Dales, we’re always working to make our clients’ businesses perform better on the web.

One of the most important elements of any complex business, is to break things down, and provide separate areas where your customers and clients can connect with the products and services that apply to them.

For this reason, we have begun working on a Technical Translation microsite for Heppe-Smith Technical Translation, a valued client for whom we produced a basic business website in April.

The microsite will allow Heppe-Smith Technical Translation to focus on the needs of the potential client – turning their prospect into a lead – while leaving all the “Who We Are” and “Where We Came From” information in another place. A marketing microsite like this allows the customer – or prospective customer – to truly sample the range of products and services that are on offer for him or her before deciding to request a quote.

The Technical Translation Microsite is a great example of the sort of small to medium sized project we routinely undertake on behalf of our business clients over at Silicon Dales.

Please contact us at Silicon Dales if you would like us to create a similar online lead generation platform to win business for your firm.

Technical Translation Services in Germany – SEO Case Study

Over at Silicon Dales, our team developed a new website for Heppe-Smith Technical Translation, an interesting business which provides translation services for the manufacturing and legal industries.

Part of the brief for that was to provide some SEO consultancy in this highly competitive field: translation services.

It makes a lot of sense that translation services are popular online businesses: by their very nature, they transcend borders, and therefore are more likely to be sold at distance! Therefore, having a solid SEO strategy is a sure cornerstone of any translation business.

When that business is providing specific services to highly technical industries, it becomes all-important to reach the target market effectively.

One of the mainstays of Heppe-Smith Technical Translation is their German to English technical translations, which they provide in-house on items such as patent applications, and other technical documents. With a large amount of manufacturing still taking place in Germany, this is an area which is not without competition, too.

We built in a good deal of SEO features when developing the website – where the business resides – and have implemented a strategy to complement this. The bulk of the assistance, however, has been in an advisory role: whereby we help the business to present its case in the most search engine friendly manner.

You can check out the results by visiting the website at:

If you would like a website built which encompasses similar features, you should consider taking a look at the Enterprise Level packages we offer over at the Silicon Dales Packages page.