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Tools For Runners & Running Bloggers / Webmasters

If you are a runner who blogs, or you are the webmaster for your local track or running club, you’ll very likely be interested in the free selection of Tools we have on offer for running websites over at

For people just like you, we have recently launched a stand-alone repository of tools for runners and running webmasters at

All of the tools are free (though posters will require you to print them out – at your expense) and you may use the code examples in the website to grab yourself a copy of a map, or an RSS feed, and power your running blog or running website with your very own automatic race discovery tool!

Try it yourself today – you will help other runners to discover races, while creating more value for the people who visit your website in the process. You can even devote whole pages of your site to our tools, creating additional page-loads and ad impressions.

What’s more, we support everyone who embeds our maps, or uses our tools (and tells us about it) by providing them with a link from the “Who Uses Our Maps” page.

Visit the Tools for Runners & Running Websites page today.

New Shop for Runners @

Along with the other slew of new features and incredible changes going on at, our market-leading website for runners across the globe, this week we’ve launched an all new shop for runners.

The shop, which may be accessed by typing into your browser bar, allows fans who love2run around the world to order a stylish branded merchandise, or a runners’ calendar of 2013.

There will be plenty of new products aimed at runners added to the shop, and delivery is available in most countries across the globe, so if you are a runner, visit the shop today. Even if its just to grab the link and drop hints as your birthday or Christmas approaches!

Visit the Runners Shop @ by clicking here.