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24 Hour Trading Ltd concluded the transfer of ownership on, the internet’s #1 Remix Chart, which was launched in 2008 by 24 Hour Trading Ltd.

After almost three years since inception, had quickly established itself as a household name in the world of derivative music, culminating, in early 2011, with the creation of the website being named by the New York Times as one of a limited number of “milestones in sonic marriage” from the past century.

In March 2011,, along with a number of other 24 Hour Trading Ltd web properties, was offered to interested parties, as a result of the rapid expansion the company has experienced from core web properties, in particular The Global Herald, and It was felt that 24 Hour Trading Ltd would need to dedicate more resources to these three websites, and would be able to do so more effectively by offloading popular websites such as in order to focus on the provision of news and information, rather than purely entertainment products.

The directors, shareholders, and everyone connected with 24 Hour Trading Ltd wish the new owner of every success for the future: we hope that the site goes on to achieve still more milestones in music.