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Server Infrastructure Upgraded Network Wide

Those of you who regularly visit the 24 Hour Trading Ltd suite of websites may have noticed late-night outages over the weekend, followed by enhanced pageload times: the reason for this is that the server infrastructure at 24 Hour Trading Ltd has been upgraded.

The upgrade, which has been scheduled since 2010, was rolled forward two months to cope with increasing demands.

The result of the changes, allied to new, smarter, caching employed across all web properties, is that the 24 Hour Trading Ltd sites are now all loading super fast, for example:

The above are our core web properties, and such super-fast pageloads – all around the world – represent a significant improvement on previous best times, and setup the progression to the new versions scheduled for release in late 2011 and early 2012.

Less resource intensive properties, such as this site – – for example, are loading in under half a second, globally.

With web users less patient than ever, and Google looking to improve the experience of the web by promoting fast-loading pages over those which are slow to render, such page speeds are mission critical.

We hope you enjoy the new, faster, 24 Hour Trading Ltd.

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