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Google Apps for Enterprise becomes “Google for Work” – We’re Already Partners!

Just a quick note if you noticed the announcement of Google’s rebrand of its App for Enterprise into Google for Work over the past couple of days – over at Silicon Dales, we’re already official partners of Google for Work, which means we can sell you a Google Drive + Gmail for domains + Google account package for all your business’es users.

Google have been talking a lot this week about the difficulty in change management that they have experienced in onboarding clients from their old email + Outlook setup onto the Google Apps, cloud-based, email and document solution, but, as someone who made the leap several years ago, and supports clients through this process, I can tell one and all, I’m a convert: it is cheaper, easier, and involves less effort once you’ve made the switch.

Plus, if you’re switching to Google for Work from another system, over at Silicon Dales, we can manage this process for you.

Click here to find out more about our Google email + apps solution for businesses at the Silicon Dales website.

As a side note, we were already describing this suite of Google services as “Google for Business” in our Services page, so perhaps we were ahead of the curve… just saying!

Silicon Dales Become Accredited WooWorkers

Over at Silicon Dales, we’ve been driving WordPress installations towards the bleeding edge for our business clients for a number of years.

In the past couple, we’ve taken WordPress from a good blogging platform, through the best-in-class CMS phase, and we’ve made the world’s most popular platform into a fantastic e-commerce tool in its own right.

The most popular – and best (in our humble opinion) – e-commerce plugin for WordPress is WooCommerce, so it is with great pleasure that we were this week accepted as officially accredited “wooworkers” by the plugin’s creators.

What does this mean for our clients? In short, our WordPress > WooCommerce > Online Shop support will remain strong – and grow stronger – adding further strength to our suite of products and services.

In the platform wars, we’re siding with open source, and, where the products are strongest, that’s where you’ll find us forging partnerships: with Google, with WordPress, and, now, with WooCommerce.

Only the strong will survive!

Find Silicon Dales in the WooCommerce directory here.

New Social Media Channels

We have today unveiled a number of new Social Media channels for 24 Hour Trading Ltd, including:

We also offer a Feedburner RSS feed to which you may subscribe by email – receive an update every day, at around lunch time (European lunch time) on any day when there is new content here in the corporate News pages.

Tools For Runners & Running Bloggers / Webmasters

If you are a runner who blogs, or you are the webmaster for your local track or running club, you’ll very likely be interested in the free selection of Tools we have on offer for running websites over at

For people just like you, we have recently launched a stand-alone repository of tools for runners and running webmasters at

All of the tools are free (though posters will require you to print them out – at your expense) and you may use the code examples in the website to grab yourself a copy of a map, or an RSS feed, and power your running blog or running website with your very own automatic race discovery tool!

Try it yourself today – you will help other runners to discover races, while creating more value for the people who visit your website in the process. You can even devote whole pages of your site to our tools, creating additional page-loads and ad impressions.

What’s more, we support everyone who embeds our maps, or uses our tools (and tells us about it) by providing them with a link from the “Who Uses Our Maps” page.

Visit the Tools for Runners & Running Websites page today.

Help For Heroes Press Release Published via

Over at, the Press Release Resource, we’re delighted to see that the British charity, Help For Heroes, has sent a recent press release through the system.

The press release, entitled “270 Cyclists Storm the Beaches of Dunkirk for Finale of 350 Mile Help for Heroes Bike Ride” details the inspiring story of a 270 strong cycling team who have completed a grueling challenge to raise much needed funds for the charity.

We’re really pleased that the charity has taken the positive PR step of listing their press release on in order to gain attention for their hard work and effort from journalists, bloggers and individual news consumers direct through the website’s inherent Social Media, email and RSS, as well as it’s high standing within organic search engines, and contextual news services like Google News and Moreover.

We’re also really happy that Help For Heroes has – like any other user – been able to benefit from this service for free.

To submit a free press release at today click here.

Get faster moderation, add links and images, and turbo charge your press release by ordering an Xpress Release, here.

Server Infrastructure Upgraded Network Wide

Those of you who regularly visit the 24 Hour Trading Ltd suite of websites may have noticed late-night outages over the weekend, followed by enhanced pageload times: the reason for this is that the server infrastructure at 24 Hour Trading Ltd has been upgraded.

The upgrade, which has been scheduled since 2010, was rolled forward two months to cope with increasing demands.

The result of the changes, allied to new, smarter, caching employed across all web properties, is that the 24 Hour Trading Ltd sites are now all loading super fast, for example:

The above are our core web properties, and such super-fast pageloads – all around the world – represent a significant improvement on previous best times, and setup the progression to the new versions scheduled for release in late 2011 and early 2012.

Less resource intensive properties, such as this site – – for example, are loading in under half a second, globally.

With web users less patient than ever, and Google looking to improve the experience of the web by promoting fast-loading pages over those which are slow to render, such page speeds are mission critical.

We hope you enjoy the new, faster, 24 Hour Trading Ltd.

Feel free to check out the advertising opportunities which exist in our network of even faster websites, by reviewing our Media Pack.

More Speed Enhancements at

With page load times being an increasingly important metric, both in terms of search engine ranking, and user-friendliness (not everyone accesses the web on super-fast broadband, you know!), we’re always keen to get those pages loading super-fast even if your connection is not so hot.

We’re pleased to announce that we’re got the page speed over at, our free press release resource, down to as low as half a second on some pages.

During Wednesday 22nd June 2011, we experienced extremely high server load which led to some hardware issues with the site, making it a great time to roll out our speed enhancements to the 2.0 version of right there and then.

This has now been completed.

Under testing, the Googlebot can load press release pages from the website in under 0.1 seconds. That’s great news for the issuers of free press releases who are accepted for publication on the site, as it means your PR efforts will find their way into the major search engines in seconds.

What is is our Google News listed, Moreover approved free and premium digital press release distribution website.

Other Changes at

At the same time as rolling out speed enhancements (which included removing under-utilised third party sharing tools; enabling and forcing Gzip of more text based elements; and optimizing images within the site’s pages, for those who are interested in the technical side of things) we have also completed the re-branding and moving the site to be sans www – so it’s now just without the www’s – and the major search engines have been informed of this change.

We also recently completed a membership audit at, whereby we removed all non-active accounts, and any accounts found to be consistently in breach of the Press Release Rules at the site – taking the number of registered members down from 18,000+ to around 5,000. Again, the focus is on recognising the efforts of those willing to stay within the guidelines, and making sure everything works at it’s optimum level for those people, while discouraging those intent on self-promotion, spam and the attempted publication of non-newsworthy items.

Speed Improvements and Traffic Increases is still growing rapidly, as a result of the improvements we keep making to the site.

The site is all set to break into the Top 30,000 website in the world over at (see here), remains a Google PageRank 5 website, and continues to be listed in Google News, with a current total of 969+ items listed in Google News. There are over 43,000+ individual pages indexed in Google’s main organic index from the website.

Over 20,000 press releases are currently published at, from a total of 100,000 press releases published on the site in all time since the October 2008 launch.

Around 70% of press releases submitted to are not published as a result of a breach of the press release rules currently in effect. Developments

In the background, we’re also busily working on new developments at, including our most exciting redevelopment of the site to date – watch this space for updates on 3.0, or “like” the Free Press Releases Facebook page for updates.