NHS Choices Features Race-Calendar.com Interactive Running Maps

Last week the Race-Calendar.com interactive running maps launched, allowing websites big and small to embed a map of running events in your part of the world.

We were delighted to establish a link with the UK’s National Health Service – NHS – who featured the Race-Calendar.com map of the United Kingdom at it’s excellent NHS Choices website, in the “Life After Couch to 5K” page.

NHS Choices are to be featuring the map in more appropriate places as they turn their attention – along with Race-Calendar.com – to getting people more active in this Olympic year.

Those of you who are interested in starting – or re-starting – running from little or no exercise should check out the NHS Choices (NHS.gov.uk) website, and follow the links to “Couch to 5K” – this is a simple podcast driven program which will get you from nothing to 5 kilometer running in a matter of weeks.

Once the program is complete, that’s where Race-Calendar.com can help you discover a race in your part of the world, to push forwards, and keep running.

Keep on running!

Visit Race-Calendar.com today to find a race near you.

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