Motoring @ The Global Herald Launches @TGHMotoring on Twitter

The Motoring section of The Global Herald has unveiled four additional subscription options this week for petrol heads to follow, “like” and subscribe to the latest and greatest articles, videos and other motoring items put out by the publication.

On Sunday 5th June 2011, the new stream launched over at Twitter – @TGHMotoring was born.

Users of the Twitter platform shall be able to ‘follow’ and ‘tweet’ @TGHMotoring in order to fuel their passion for motoring in the digital space.

Keep checking out The Global Herald sections for details of further subject-specific subscription options – we, as publishers of the title, recognise well that most people don’t wish to be kept abreast of every single item published: simply those that interest them. We’re keen to deliver that.

This is just another step along the path towards complete social media friendliness which we’re taking with The Global Herald.

As ever, if you think that there is something we could be doing better, simply contact us with your thoughts.

In the meantime, click here to visit The Global Herald‘s Motoring Section.

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