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SkiLux Beta Launch

We’ve recently put another background brand into the public internet with the beta soft launch of SkiLux.

If you like skiing and you like luxury you will LOVE SkiLux.

You can find out all about it over at the website.

Silicon Dales – Brand Update – Yorkshire’s Creative Digital Agency

2013 Silicon Dales Logo

2013 Silicon Dales Logo

Over at Silicon Dales, we’re busily taking the digital shrink wrap off our latest iteration for the brand, which, in just 14 months, has quickly developed into Yorkshire’s Creative Digital Agency.

The brand reboot we’ve completed has included an update for the whole business website, at, as well as a redesign for the brand’s logos, which today is rolling out across the website and related social media profiles.

If you are looking to build a website or digital application for your business, and/or you’d like to make more sales online, then speak to Silicon Dales today.

Find Mobile Phone Handsets

A little while ago, I told you about our new UK Price Comparison website, which is now live over at, in order to point you in the direction of the Lawnmower Price Comparison pages. We’ve listed more than just mowers over at the new site, though, so I thought it could well be worth pointing you in the direction of another popular section:

UK Mobile Phone Handsets @

The link above will take you to the Mobile Phone Handsets category, where heaps of UK based retailers have listed their sim-free (often unlocked) mobile phone handset offers. Visit today, and browse to your heart’s content – clicking any buy links will deliver you to the retailer in question, where you may make online handset purchases, with or without a mobile phone contract (its up to you, you are in charge!).

Great Gifts for Runners: Running Calendar

The 2013 Running Calendar that we’ve produced over at has arrived from the printers this week and it’s already beginning to cause a stir in the running community.

Almost immediately we got the calendar out of the wrapper, conversations about “which is your favourite month” were beginning. This theme looks set to continue.

2013 Running Calendar - Front Page

2013 Running Calendar – Front Page

A Great Gift for the Runner You Know!

Quite simply, this product is a great gift for runners of all types, distances and brands. It’s motivational. It’s inspirational. It’s also got a lot in its favour as a present, too!

But one thing is very obvious about our A3 Running Calendar: runners love it. This means it will make a perfect birthday or Christmas present for the runner in your life for a number of reasons:

  • The 2013 Running Calendar lasts all year – the whole of 2013!
  • It is inspiring, and will help a runner to get out of the door on a wet, windy, Wednesday in the middle of winter!
  • While you may not know a runner’s size, or what equipment they need or use, you don’t need to with the calendar!
  • It doesn’t matter if they receive two – they can have one for home and one for the office (or even three – one for upstairs, one for the kitchen, too!);
  • You know they won’t already have one of these – we’ve just printed them, and nobody else sells our unique calendars.

Where to Order the 2013 A3 Running Calendar

We are selling the 2013 A3 Running Calendar direct at our website, which is secure, and can accept payment by Credit/Debit card, PayPal, Google Wallet or you can order from Amazon.

In a matter of days, the first consignment will be reaching and, meaning you’ll be able to order with free UK delivery or free USA delivery using the following links:

We’re also looking to add running clubs, charities, sports associations and businesses targeting active runners and the health market to join the Partner Program to help sell the calendars through hosted checkouts. Partners receive a profit share without having to do anything more than copy/paste a link or some code into a website / email or Facebook / Twitter status update from time-to-time. Click here for the Partner Program.

Lastly, join us at Facebook or Twitter to share the love of running.

Because we love2run @! Now Providing Online Entry in 9 Currencies

Play this track while reading: has this week taken our love of running international.

We already have 51,000+ fans on our Love2Run Facebook, and lots more on Twitter. We already list races across the globe at our website for free. But now, we’ve truly gone global, as has just launched online entry services to races in another 20+ countries; serving runners in a total of nine currencies.

In addition to the free promotional services we’ve always been providing to event organisers everywhere, Race Directors in the following countries and regions are now able to take advantage of an online entry solution, too:

Race Directors in the rest of the world may opt to take online entry payments in US dollars, or use our classic form (for free) for a listing without online entry.

Online entry services can be provided at no cost to the race director, with transaction fees paid by the entrant at the time of purchasing. This means races achieve 100% of their fee target, yet gain the convenience of an online entry solution. In addition, provides a vast number of additional race promotion services – all bundled at no cost!

Plus, we help event organisers, whether charities or professional race management companies to raise extra revenue with our Love2Run T-Shirt and our 2013 A3 Runners’ Wall Calendars which can be added to the event registration checkout for an additional income driver which involves zero work for event organisers. We pick and pack it to your entrants, you collect an extra fee. A win for all concerned, and a great product to keep!

And all because we Love2Run!

Where to Send Press Releases Online

… for almost immediate publication, into Google News & Morevoer (i.e. BBC related links) and now with stats tracking.

Another new service has launched at, the market leading press release resource owned and operated by 24 Hour Trading Ltd – a complete stat tracking package for all issuers of XPress Releases.

What you’ll get – in addition to huge digital reach for your press release which comes as standard for all XPress Releases published by – is a comprehensive set of statistics on the performance of your press release from Google Analytics. Stats you can trust, in other words.

To get an Xpress Release – and add stats – simply visit the XPress Release Booking page at


Free Sport Bet Becomes “Little Blue Pen”

We have completed the rebrand and domain redirect of our beta testing domain,

The website is now in live public mode, as the all-new betting and entertainment brand, Little Blue Pen.

At the Little Blue Pen website, those interested in sports betting, and related subjects, will be able to obtain interesting information, Tips, Free Bets and Odds Comparison tools.

There shall also be a number of related social media profiles through which users may interact with the website.

An official announcement detailing all of the features and benefits of Little Blue Pen will follow.

Please contact us if you would like more info.

Tools For Runners & Running Bloggers / Webmasters

If you are a runner who blogs, or you are the webmaster for your local track or running club, you’ll very likely be interested in the free selection of Tools we have on offer for running websites over at

For people just like you, we have recently launched a stand-alone repository of tools for runners and running webmasters at

All of the tools are free (though posters will require you to print them out – at your expense) and you may use the code examples in the website to grab yourself a copy of a map, or an RSS feed, and power your running blog or running website with your very own automatic race discovery tool!

Try it yourself today – you will help other runners to discover races, while creating more value for the people who visit your website in the process. You can even devote whole pages of your site to our tools, creating additional page-loads and ad impressions.

What’s more, we support everyone who embeds our maps, or uses our tools (and tells us about it) by providing them with a link from the “Who Uses Our Maps” page.

Visit the Tools for Runners & Running Websites page today.

New Shop for Runners @

Along with the other slew of new features and incredible changes going on at, our market-leading website for runners across the globe, this week we’ve launched an all new shop for runners.

The shop, which may be accessed by typing into your browser bar, allows fans who love2run around the world to order a stylish branded merchandise, or a runners’ calendar of 2013.

There will be plenty of new products aimed at runners added to the shop, and delivery is available in most countries across the globe, so if you are a runner, visit the shop today. Even if its just to grab the link and drop hints as your birthday or Christmas approaches!

Visit the Runners Shop @ by clicking here.

Brand Marketing Opportunities at

This week, we have unveiled the last in a series of microsites hosted in sub-domains at, which have been launched in order to allow us to direct people to sections appropriate for their needs.

The most recent such microsite is geared towards the Brand Marketers who regularly get in touch with us at, to let them know precisely what is on offer for those who represent major brands who would like to support a feel-good thing like grass-roots running.

Charities Too

A lot of marketing targeting runners is purchased by major charities looking for runners who would like to take part in races on their behalf, or to join another running related worthy cause. The sub-domain is therefore a great place for a charity marketing team to discover ways to reach out to vast tracts of the running community in one fell swoop.

What’s Available at the Brand Marketing Microsite?

Available sections of content include:

If you’re a brand marketer, or brand manager, and you would like to target runners in the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, mainland Europe or the rest of the world, you may do that, and more, with, one of the most popular race discovery and entry tools on the planet.

Find out more Brand Marketing Opportunities at our Brands microsite.