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Google Apps for Enterprise becomes “Google for Work” – We’re Already Partners!

Just a quick note if you noticed the announcement of Google’s rebrand of its App for Enterprise into Google for Work over the past couple of days – over at Silicon Dales, we’re already official partners of Google for Work, which means we can sell you a Google Drive + Gmail for domains + Google account package for all your business’es users.

Google have been talking a lot this week about the difficulty in change management that they have experienced in onboarding clients from their old email + Outlook setup onto the Google Apps, cloud-based, email and document solution, but, as someone who made the leap several years ago, and supports clients through this process, I can tell one and all, I’m a convert: it is cheaper, easier, and involves less effort once you’ve made the switch.

Plus, if you’re switching to Google for Work from another system, over at Silicon Dales, we can manage this process for you.

Click here to find out more about our Google email + apps solution for businesses at the Silicon Dales website.

As a side note, we were already describing this suite of Google services as “Google for Business” in our Services page, so perhaps we were ahead of the curve… just saying!

Silicon Dales Become Accredited WooWorkers

Over at Silicon Dales, we’ve been driving WordPress installations towards the bleeding edge for our business clients for a number of years.

In the past couple, we’ve taken WordPress from a good blogging platform, through the best-in-class CMS phase, and we’ve made the world’s most popular platform into a fantastic e-commerce tool in its own right.

The most popular – and best (in our humble opinion) – e-commerce plugin for WordPress is WooCommerce, so it is with great pleasure that we were this week accepted as officially accredited “wooworkers” by the plugin’s creators.

What does this mean for our clients? In short, our WordPress > WooCommerce > Online Shop support will remain strong – and grow stronger – adding further strength to our suite of products and services.

In the platform wars, we’re siding with open source, and, where the products are strongest, that’s where you’ll find us forging partnerships: with Google, with WordPress, and, now, with WooCommerce.

Only the strong will survive!

Find Silicon Dales in the WooCommerce directory here. Website Sold

A few weeks ago, we completed the transaction and transfer of to new owners, a USA based entity with an interest in the running market.

After closing the deal, the buyers agreed to a complete reboot of the website and technology to be produced by our team at Silicon Dales, which is fantastic news, and allows us to retain an ongoing interest in the future success of the site we setup. Watch this space for news on the new developments – they are exciting, indeed, if you are a competitive runner anywhere on Earth!

We wish the new owners every success with!

Evolution London to Merge into Silicon Dales

Expansion continues at Yorkshire based web design, hosting, SEO and digital marketing firm, Silicon Dales.

The end of January 2014 sees London based e-marketing company, Evolution London merge into Silicon Dales.

All Evolution London hosting clients are being transitioned into Silicon Dales at the end of January 2014, including management and maintenance clients.

This merger is already creating a stronger offering for business clients of both Evolution London and Silicon Dales: it has seen investment in technology; and will lead to more similar investment; as well as the creation of several new roles at Silicon Dales over the next 18 months.

Developers and system admins interested in a Yorkshire Dales National Park based technology job are encouraged to get in touch with Silicon Dales.

Silicon Dales Title Rebrand – Yorkshire Web Design, SEO & Hosting

This week, we’ve completed a minor title rebrand at Silicon Dales to more accurately reflect the range of services the business is fast becoming known for across Yorkshire, the UK and the rest of the world:

Following the addition of a new hosting product in the end of 2013, our 100GB Business Hosting, which has been developed to meet the needs of the vast majority of business users who come to Silicon Dales looking for new or replacement web properties, the business can now add hosting to it’s range of digital services, making it a one-stop-shop for businesses in Yorkshire (and around the world) to find low-cost, more-than-adequate web services.

From web design, through web, domain and email hosting, right up to digital marketing and promotion, Silicon Dales are able to assist a business, wherever it might be. When we went to trade show events last year, we said very simply “We help you to sell more.” and this is true. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a part of this, though it should be noted that SEO is not, in itself, sold as a service, other than in the form on website SEO reports: everything that leaves our studio is search engine optimized, no matter what size the job is. Everything. It isn’t optional, and it isn’t an extra. It is part of our service.

And out clients’ websites are always improving in search engine rankings, because we don’t only follow best practice. We lead it.

If you need better performance online for your business. If you need to sell more. Talk to Silicon Dales.

2014 Running Calendar Now Available

2014 Running Calendar - Love2Run!

2014 Running Calendar – Love2Run!

Over at, last month we received the first batch of 2014 Running Calendars (the A3 printed calendar that we launched this year, for 2013, which was so well received by runners everywhere). The picture to the right shows the calendar front page.

This year, the calendar will only be available to purchase exclusively at Amazon UK, as we seek to improve delivery times and buyer satisfaction.

But be quick, the first batch looks like it will sell out soon, and this is a great Christmas gift for the British runner in your life – or even just a simple way to stay inspired to run throughout 2014 (and beyond!).

Keep running!

Click here to see the 2014 Running Calendar at Amazon UK. 1 day delivery (and free delivery) is available with Amazon Prime and Super Saver delivery, so the price you see is the price you will pay. Including delivery!

Silicon Dales Australia – for Adelaide Web Design

A few months ago, after our Australian director, Jonathan Farrington had received a number of requests from businesses in South Australia for our services at Silicon Dales, we soft launched Silicon Dales Australia, a business which will be delivering the same suite of digital services we offer at Silicon Dales specifically to customers in Australia.

The Silicon Dales Australia business is based in Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills, and is quickly establishing itself in the Adelaide web design and SEO scene thanks to the straight-talking fair-pricing strategy we’re bringing from the business processes we established with Silicon Dales.

With Jonathan an Adelaide Hills resident of a number of years, he has been able to get started with several exciting projects for excellent clients across Australia from day one.

Expect big things from Silicon Dales Australia! If you represent an Australian business which is looking to improve its digital performance, please feel free to contact Silicon Dales Australia today to discuss your needs with a no obligation initial consultation.

The main technical work on all Silicon Dales projects will still be done by our team of experts in the Yorkshire Dales – keeping experts close together, and selling the fruits of their labours to the businesses where they need them.

Jono’s digital expertise is in organic SEO, video marketing for businesses, and email marketing (bulk email to clients and prospects) – if those needs are up your street, then we fully recommend you talk to him today… or watch one of his videos for some quick tips!

SkiLux Beta Launch

We’ve recently put another background brand into the public internet with the beta soft launch of SkiLux.

If you like skiing and you like luxury you will LOVE SkiLux.

You can find out all about it over at the website.

Price Comparison 85 Upgrade Complete

Those of you who watch us closely will know that we’ve been busy offloading some background – and core – brands in recent weeks as we step up our focus on development over at Silicon Dales.

To this end, we recently sold the following domains and websites from the company:


During this process, we also looked at selling our residual price comparison domain from the break-up of the 85Group of websites, As this domain did not quite meet expectations, we have retained the site, and installed a new product discovery tool at the domain.

Find UK Price Comparison, such as wine price comparison, over at the website today. Expect more popular product categories to come in the lead-up to Christmas 2013. If you are interested in acquiring this project from 24 Hour trading Ltd (we are continuing to shift focus to development work this winter), please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Global Herald Upgrade Complete

Great news for fans of our international platform for academics, experts and leaders – The Global Herald – for the site has undergone a huge overhaul (the biggest since we started the domain in early 2009) and a complete re-theme.

You can see the results at, where you will be able to subscribe to receive updates in a variety of simple to access ways.