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24 Hour Trading Ltd

24 Hour Trading Ltd is a company which builds and manages market leading brands.

The business also provides software consultancy and support for businesses looking to maximise their profit potential through cutting edge web technologies. The services can be obtained through the 24 Hour Trading Ltd owned Silicon Dales.

What we do

24 Hour Trading is a technology and publishing business.

Core brands are delivered through cutting edge open source platforms.

Who we are

24 Hour Trading Ltd is a limited company registered in England & Wales. Company number 07324510. The company was incorporated on 23rd July 2010. 24 Hour Trading Ltd has its registered office at Office E, Coach House, Swinithwaite, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 4UH.

VAT Registration Number: GB 111 682 442.

Prior to July 2010, 24 Hour Trading Ltd was a UK based partnership, which was formed on 1st December 2007. Prior to the partnership, 24 Hour Trading was operated by sole trader, Robin Scott, who founded the business in 2004.

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